Finding the Truth in the Blueprint of Life (Part 2)

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It may seem incredulous that someone working in the alcohol/drug treatment business could make sense out of a complex behemoth like health care industry, yet this is precisely the case. Many groups I present explore seemingly unrelated subjects that fit together like a puzzle. Once assembled, the puzzle reveals a truth about healthcare I’d like to impart in a series of papers I call …

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Dealing With Anxiety And Addiction

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/16/15 11:47 AM / by Mark Mathews, MA, LADC posted in Substances, Perscription Drugs, Anxiety, Addiction

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The Problem With Benzodiazepines

In the treatment of alcoholism and addictions, anxiety is often a coexisting problem. Left untreated, chances for relapse are high. Awareness of this problem has led many dual diagnosis treatment centers to prescribe anti-anxiety pills (i.e., the benzodiazepines) to help ease the tension of anxious clients.

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