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The essence of HRC’s intensive outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment program is to identify with labs the many possible biochemical disruptions that keep you craving, depressed, anxious, and needing a “fix” to feel better. We work to correct these biochemical disruptions using the wealth of knowledge that orthomolecular medicine and holistic health treatment offer.

Are you looking for:

  • An addiction treatment program that identifies and corrects the true physical underlying causes driving addiction?
  • A program that can solve the many uncomfortable mental states that result from the unbalanced biochemistry of addiction?
  • An alternative program to conventional 12-step, psychological programs?
  • A program that does not load clients up with psychiatric drugs to mask symptoms?

Then you are in the right place!

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Please Note: Questions pertaining to the books Seven Weeks to Sobriety, Depression Free, Naturally as well as product information should be directed to Bio-Recovery, Inc. 800-247-6237 or visit bio-recoveryinc.com.